I was DoP and producer on one of It's My Shout's 2015 documentaries - the one for the short film Hiraeth. On November 25th 2015, it was broadcast on BBC2 across the whole of Wales.
Although the video is not available to watch online for free (you have to buy it from the BBC Store), here are some production stills taken by myself, Alun Daniel, Celyn Rees and Jonathan Harvey. A clip from the final film is linked below.
Shooting at the house location in Kidwelly.
Ceri doesn't know how to camera.
A big light stands outside the house.
Filming at the train station.
Filming at the funeral parlour.
Getting ready for a take in Llanelli.
Here's a clip from the finished film: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p038ndd8

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