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Ceri Evans - Freelance Filmmaker

(Photo by Liam Matthews)

Hi, I'm Ceri. I'm a 18-year-old freelance filmmaker and musician from South Wales, UK, working mainly in cinematography, editing and composition. I've always been tremendously passionate about filmmaking and have been working as an industry professional since the age of 16.
As well as cinematography and music, I'm an experienced DIT, live camera operator, stills  photographer, 1st/2nd AC, editor, producer, director, and writer. I'm also a member of Broadside Films, and I'm Theatr y Ffwrnes' Adoptee Filmmaker as well as being an experienced live musician and keyboardist. I am fluent in the Welsh language.
With plenty of experience already, my work has been featured nationally and internationally on the BBC, on S4C and even at the British Museum in London and in Edinburgh. Watch my new showreel for 2017 below - and go to my portfolio to see more.
What's this website for?
Welcome to my personal website - you'll find my portfolio and links to my external sites, such as my YouTube channel and Bandcamp page. Every time a project I've created or worked on is completed, I'll write about it and add it to my portfolio page.
Professional skillset
I've worked as a cinematographer/DIT/cam op/1st AC/composer on many projects (see my work above, watch my reel!) and have been described as reliable, experienced, valuable and professional. As well as major roles I've also worked on many sets with a smaller role, such as an assistant or runner.
On various projects, I have worked with and used many different cameras, including many DSLR and mirrorless models such as the Canon 5D or Sony A7s, several midrange cinema cameras such as Blackmagic models or the Cinema EOS line, television camcorders such as Sony's nxCAM line and even high-end systems such as ALEXA and the RED EPIC.
Most of the programs I've used over the years to create are industry standard, meaning that I now have useful knowledge of how to use many professional applications, such as:
Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC, Logic Pro 9/X, Mainstage, Photoshop CC, Final Cut Pro 7, Da Vinci Resolve, Lightroom CC, Final Draft 9
(Applications in bold mean I've had 500+ hours of experience)
How can I hire/employ/work with you?
Just pop an email over to ceri@filmceri.com or fill in the contact form below - I'll reply as soon as I can.
Alternatively, call my UK number at +44 (0) 7921 523278, and leave a voicemail if I can't answer!
Find me in other places online!
Click on the little social icons below or at the top of the page to find me online, or just follow the links here.
YouTube (I upload every week or two, mostly): youtube.com/filmceri
LinkedIn (very professional): linkedin.com/in/filmceri
Instagram: (pretty): instagram.com/filmceri
Twitter (I ramble): twitter.com/filmceri

Thanks! I'll get back to you as soon as I can!
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