I'm composing music for the web series I'm currently working on, FAR AWAY MAN - see below for the pilot episode! As well as being a producer on the show, its DoP, editor, sound designer and partial writer I'm the show's (mostly) sole composer, and this piano medley is a showcase of all the primary themes and motifs that will appear in Season 1, which is currently in production and will be released soon.
I composed, performed, shot, edited, recorded, mixed, coloured and lit this video with one camera and on my own - I'm pretty proud of it. It was recorded at Ysgol y Strade. The last track, "Far Away Man's Theme" was composed by Ryan Mellish and arranged by me.
Watch the pilot (proof of concept) episode of Far Away Man here:
You can download this track here, and the soundtrack for the prologue itself at the bottom of the page.
Here's the tracklist:
1. Exposition Boy's Theme
2. Beth's Theme
3. The Girl Scout's Theme
4. Tango Impregnator
5. Far Away Man's Theme (Composed by Ryan Mellish)
With thanks to Ysgol y Strade for letting me record there!

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