In the summer of 2014, Welsh charity Chwarae Teg, along with ice sculpture house The Ice Academy and production company Red Shoes, devised a humongous project to celebrate the end of the charity's Agile Nation Project.
The Agile Nation Project was created in 2007 by Chwarae Teg with £12.5m from the European Social Fund and the Welsh Government to support and train women in their workplaces, and to help close the gender pay gap. With almost 3,500 women participating in the project by its end, it was highly successful and required an idea as fantastic as the project itself to take a bow.
The idea was to create a three-metre-high, tonne-and-a-half sculpture crafted entirely from ice and transport it to the very top of Wales' highest mountain, Snowdon. It sits at 1.085 metres - this wasn't to be an easy task.
After months of planning, an attempt was finally made on August 16th 2014 to erect the statue.
It wasn't a successful attempt, and we had to return defeated, soaked and with the sculpture left in a walk-in freezer at the top of the mountain.
But less than a month later, we returned to try once more - and we were successful! It took many hours to finally put up the statue, but by the time evening had rolled around we were done, and could get to shooting.
Wrapping at 3 and starting at 7 the next day, it was a gruelling shoot - but one that delivered in heaps. Watch the finished video edited by Tom Gripper above!

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