In the Summer of 2014, my hometown of Llanelli, South Wales hosted the Welsh National Eisteddfod for the first time since 2000. Since it may not happen again for decades, I decided that I should create a short film portraying what goes on during the Eisteddfod week and people's attitudes towards it.
During the week I recorded several interviews with random festival-goers to see what they enjoyed most, if they'd been before, how they saw the Eisteddfod and many other questions. Then, using b-roll I'd captured over the rest of the week, I cut together the film.
The film won first prize at the 2014 Crinddail Film Festival and was nominated for the prestigious John Hefin Welsh Language Film award at the 2015 Carmarthen Bay Film Festival - I was interviewed on S4C about the nomination:
In mid-2015 I was contacted by Newangle productions as they wished to use footage from the film in a major British Museum exhibition later in the year - Celts: Art and Identity.
You can see my website's portfolio page for the British Museum project here.

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